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Multicultural Communities (formerly Fairfield Migrant Resource Centre) is a service of CORE Community Services (formerly Cabramatta Community Centre) whose values are embodied in human rights and social justice principles.

Multicultural Communities develops and provides a range of services to newly arrived migrants, humanitarian entrants and refugees. We celebrate diversity and work in partnership with our community and other organisations to work towards realising our vision. We have been serving the Fairfield Local Government Area since 1986 and continue to work with and advocate for our community.

Multicultural Communities strives to improve people’s access to services and quality of life, address special settlement needs and help nurture people’s potential, skills, and the confidence that can enable them to be active and productive members of a multicultural Australian society.

Target group

People from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds with a focus on newly arrived migrants, humanitarian entrants and refugees in the first five years of arrival who reside in the Fairfield and Liverpool local government areas.


Our services are provided from our head office in Cabramatta and a Multicultural Hub in Fairfield. They include:

  • Advocacy and policy work.
  • Employment, education and training support.
  • Housing support services.
  • Domestic violence and family support services.
  • Settlement and support services for refugees, humanitarian entrants and newly arrived migrants.
  • Emergency Relief Services.

We provide a variety of settlement and support services.

Families Settlement Services. This service provides assistance to meet the settlement needs of newly arrived migrant, humanitarian entrants and refugee families in their first five years of settlement in Australia. It includes the provision of information and referral services, short-term goal oriented casework, community education and groups.

Burmese/Karen Settlement Service. Provides practical assistance to meet the settlement needs of newly arrived refugees and humanitarian entrants from Myanmmar It also partners with other services to run activities that ensure positive settlement outcomes for Burmese and Karen settlers.

Women Settlement Service. Assists women from newly arrived refugee and migrant communities integrate and participate fully in the broader community, access appropriate mainstream services and develop independence. Services offered include casework, referrals and provision of linguistically and culturally sensitive information, women support groups.

African Settlement Service. Provides practical assistance to meet the settlement needs of newly arrived refugees and humanitarian entrants from Africa (especially from Sudan, South Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Togo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo). In addition, it supports African ethno-specific organisations to develop self-reliance and address access barriers to mainstream services.

Iraqi & Arabic Settlement Service. Provides practical assistance to meet the settlement needs of newly arrived refugees and humanitarian entrants from Iraq and other Arabic speaking communities. Services include the provision of information and referral services, social support groups for men and families, excursions.

Vietnamese Settlement Service. This project provides practical assistance to meet the needs of Vietnamese settlers in Fairfield Services include casework, information and referral services and community capacity building. The project also works in partnership with other services to increase capacity of new settlers to access education and employment.

Youth Settlement Service. The youth project provides services to newly arrived humanitarian families and young people through casework, referrals, group information sessions, homework support, camps and outreach services. It works with other local services to advocate for, meet the needs of and develop the skills of newly arrived young people.

Community Development and Policy. This project identifies and advocates to address various social issues affecting newly arrived migrants and refugees in the Fairfield Local Government Area and beyond including employment, integration, housing, education, settlement, amongst others. The project undertakes research, community consultations, and participates in relevant forums and networks, as well as providing capacity building and advocacy services.

Housing Specialist. Assist eligible SGP clients to become self-reliant through the provision of housing assistance with a particular focus on clients with low English proficiency in the Fairfield- Liverpool SSD. This will be achieved through casework, the production of language specific resources and materials, and the delivery of workshops and seminars on pathways for clients to access the public and private real estate market.

Employment, Education & Training. This project develops and implements initiatives aimed at addressing barriers that newly arrived refugees and humanitarian entrants experience in accessing employment and training opportunities. It will create partnerships that are focused on training and employment services, whilst building positive relationship and experiences in the Fairfield community.

Complex Case Support. This services is funded by Department of Social Services (DSS) through the Complex Case Support Programme to deliver specialised intensive interventions to eligible humanitarian entrants seekers with exceptional and multiple needs. The program also has the flexibility to provide support to clients that have been excluded from other services because of their visa category. Referrals should be made through the Department of Social Services website.

Integrated Domestic and Family Violence Service. The Domestic Violence Support Service provides assistance to victims of domestic and family violence or abusive behaviour from their partner. We can provide assistance to Fairfield residents through case management, crisis accommodation as well as finding alternative accommodation and general information. The service also creates awareness in the community and local services about domestic and family violence.

Domestic Violence Community Education. The project provides knowledge and resources to men of African and Middle Eastern backgrounds regarding gender inequality. It also delivers education and empowerment sessions focusing on the development of men's knowledge, skills and abilities.

Emergency Relief Service. The Emergency Relief Service provides material assistance through the Emergency Accounts Payment Assistance (EAPA) to Fairfield residents experiencing short term financial crisis or emergency to pay their electricity or gas bill. This service is offered on Tuesdays and Fridays. Contact the Multicultural Communities on (02) 9727 0477 to make an appointment. This project is funded by the NSW Industry, Resources and Energy.

Other Services within Core Community Services include:

  • Children’s Services
  • Youth Services
  • Community Engagement
  • Aged and Disability


Core Multicultural Communities
Business hours: Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm
Head office address: Cnr Railway Parade and McBurney Road, Cabramatta NSW 2166
Postal address: PO Box 367 Cabramatta NSW 2166
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone: (02) 9727 0477

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