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Exploring Settlement: Life in Australia is a collaborative project of the NSW Settlement Partnership (NSP) to strengthen relationships and collaboration with clients, community partners and frontline workers,

By obtaining a collective insight into a client centred view of settlement the project aims to:

  • clarify priorities for advocacy
  • highlight possibilities for change and innovation
  • identify opportunities for service improvement and increased collaboration

The heart of the project has been the design and facilitation of 56 listening conversations, where clients were invited to share their story of building a life in Australia.

More than 250 clients participated and the findings from these forms the core of the preliminary report.

Stage 1 of the project involved listening to clients, community and frontline workers as they shared their experience of settlement. The preliminary report contains the results of this listening, including initial commentary from NSP frontline workers and managers.

Stage 2 involves collaboratively identifying improvements and advocacy priorities based on client voice. The preliminary report is an invitation to work alongside the NSP in making changes from the ground up.

The NSP is excited to be sharing the voice of clients and inviting the settlement sector more widely into ways we can respond together.

Preliminary report

Exploring Settlement Preliminary Report

The toolkit

The Reimagining Settlement ConversationsToolkit was prepared to enable NSP partners to host local conversations, listening to and supporting clients sharing their experience of settlement.

Client voice and responses from the Preliminary Report Forum

Call to action

To submit a question, request a deep dive, or express interest in making a local response, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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