Lebanese Community Council of NSW

The Lebanese Community Council of NSW, founded in 1983, is a collaboration among the Lebanese community, which is represented at various levels. Its purpose is to:

  • Identify Lebanese community needs, develop the means and strategies to address those needs and provide assistance to those who have difficulties in accessing adequate resources;
  • Unify, improve and strengthen community relations;
  • Assist the Lebanese community to utilise its resources more effectively, on a collective basis;
  • Play an active role in advocacy and advice to Government agencies;
  • Promote a positive public image of the Australian-Lebanese;
  • Ensure the contribution of Australian-Lebanese to the wider community is recognised; 
  • Advance inter-community relations, equity and justice.

The Council acts as a consultative and coordinating agency to all its member organisations and others. It advocates on behalf of the Lebanese community and lobbies for appropriate, ethical and equitable policies to ensure their constructive participation in Australia.

The Council also provides its available resources for use by other organisations, consistently promotes the spirit of multiculturalism and effectively participates in the development of a pluralistic Australian society.

Its direct services include casework, information and referral, and community development, such as running educational and vocational programs and activities.

The Council works with other culturally and linguistically diverse communities to establish partnership and harmony. Capacity building includes assisting community members to obtain information and education to help run their own programs as well as activities for other local Arabic communities.

Target group

Lebanese Community Council of NSW services are offered to all Arabic-speaking communities regardless of gender, age, religion or race.


The Council provides settlement support for eligible clients to promote economic and personal wellbeing, independence and community connectedness. These services can also facilitate pathways to learning English, education and employment readiness.

The service focuses on the Bankstown area and specifically clients from Arabic-speaking background.


Lebanese Community Council of NSW
Business hours: Monday – Thursday 9am to 4pm
Head office address: Suite 13, 41-45 Rickard Road Bankstown NSW 2200
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone: (02) 9790 7555
Mobile: 0404 313 414

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