Migrants on a walking tour in Royal National Park

Gymea Community Aid and Information Service partnered with Sutherland Shire Council and Advance Diversity Services to celebrate Reconciliation Week this year.

Around 40 recently arrived migrants had the opportunity to travel to Jibbon Beach in the Royal National Park to learn about the history and culture of First Nations people.

Shared Knowledge ran the walking tour and highlighted the customs and culture of the First Nations people in the area.

Participants saw middens, ancient rock carvings and learned about the importance for Aboriginal people of the unique connection between the land, waters, plants, stories, knowledge and people.

The day provided a special opportunity for recently arrived migrants to learn about the significance of the land which they now live upon.

One participant noted that, “I was amazed to hear the knowledge of our guide. I will never look at this land the same again.”

Jenny Grey, Manager of Settlement and Multicultural Services at Gymea Community Aid and Information Service, said, “As a Settlement Service, we have a responsibility to inform new arrivals about the Aboriginal significance of the land they have moved to and we also have a responsibility to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander brothers and sisters to provide opportunities for them to share their unique knowledge.”

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