Settlement Services International

Settlement Services International, the lead partner in the NSP, is a community-based not-for-profit organisation that provides a range of services in the areas of refugee settlement, asylum seeker assistance, housing, multicultural foster care, disability support and employment services in NSW.

SSI provides support and assistance to the majority of people in NSW on refugee and bridging visas.

SSI’s Housing Services division provides housing assistance to refugees, humanitarian entrants and people seeking asylum once they start living in the community.
The organisation values difference and the right to self-determination for the people we support, as well as meaningful social and economic inclusion in Australian society.

Some of SSI's services are delivered at the local level with staff co-located at the offices of member Migrant Resource Centres.

Target group

SSI is committed to ensuring that people in vulnerable communities in NSW are supported and resourced to fulfil their potential as members of the Australian community. SSI’s combined services cover parts of the Sydney metropolitan area as well as the Hunter-Central Coast, Illawarra and Western NSW.


SSI’s services include:

Humanitarian Settlement Services Program. Case management and housing support during the first 12 months for humanitarian entrants and refugees who have been granted a permanent protection visa (Federally funded).

Status Resolution Support Services. Case management and financial support for asylum seekers while their claim for asylum is assessed (Federally funded).

Settlement Support Program. SSI provides settlement services to newly arrived migrants and refugees.

Ignite Small Business Start-ups initiative. Aims to facilitate business creation for refugee clients eager to establish a small business with the support of a resource team of professionals (self-funded).

SSI Foster Care. Provides foster care services to parents, children and young people from CALD backgrounds (NSW Government funded).

Ability Links NSW. Support for people with disability, their families and carers, in Metro North, Metro South and Southern Regions of Sydney (NSW Government funded)

Housing Services. Provides support to refugees and asylum seekers once they start living in the community

SSI jobactive Employment Services. SSI delivers the Australian Government’s jobactive services to job seekers living within the Sydney East Metro region (Federally funded).

Community Engagement. SSI organises a broad array of events and activities that give our clients, particularly community-based asylum seekers, opportunities to link with others.


Settlement Services International
2/158 Liverpool Road
NSW 2131
02 8799 6700
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