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Discover the key issues facing migrants who have settled in Greater Western Sydney along with some of the recommendations to address those issues in a new report: Assessing the impact of post migration lifestyle changes on migrants settlement trajectories in Greater Western Sydney.

Launched by Western Sydney University Chancellor Professor Peter Shergold at SydWest Multicultural Services on June 29, the report results from a collaboration involving WSU and SydWest Multicultural Services and combines traditional research with important real world issues relating to migration and settlement.

The report was headed by Professor Andre Renzaho, Humanitarian and Development Studies, School of Social Sciences and Psychology at Western Sydney University, and follows three months of study involving 164 participants, including over 100 SydWest clients.

SydWest CEO Elfa Moraitakis said that, with a focus on post-migration lifestyle and life experiences relating to changes in income, employment and social status, family dynamics, language difficulties, available settlement services and cultural integration among seven migrant communities in greater western Sydney, the report made some very specific recommendations for a less painful and problematic settlement.

“The report will become an invaluable tool for future researchers, government officials and service providers in the GWS area,” Ms Moraitakis said.

Professor Renzaho also launched his new book, Globalisation, Migration and Health: Challenges and Opportunities, which provides a fresh perspective to the global migration issue, discussing the social and health needs of international migrants and examining the interactions between globalisation and international migration.

Download the report.

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