SSI, Manly and MECA staff

In collaboration with EJD Consulting & Associates, SSI hosted an NSP Evaluation and Reporting Workshop at SSI Bankstown on September 7.

The workshop, which focused on client outcomes, was held to encourage and support NSP partners to contribute to the NSP evaluation framework. 

It was attended by Settlement Services Managers and other staff with service monitoring, evaluation and reporting responsibilities within the NSP activities.

The workshop aimed to enhance NSP staff capacity to interpret general evaluation concepts and language, reflect on internal evaluation, monitoring and reporting activities, discuss key settlement evaluation dimensions and recognise roles and responsibilities within the NSP evaluation framework.

NSP partners were also provided with detailed information and guidance about NSP reporting activities and templates as well as opportunities to discuss internal and NSP evaluation, monitoring and reporting activities.

Representatives of new NSP members, Manly Community Centre and Services and Mount Druitt Ethnic Communities Agency, attended the workshop and the quarterly NSP meeting on September 8.

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