Cooking classes at Jamie's Ministry of Food Wetherill Park

Twelve people of Iraqi and Syrian background supported by Core Community Services have participated in a seven-week cooking course with Jamie’s Ministry of Food at Wetherill Park.

The group learned basic cooking skills, what to buy and where to get it, and how to ensure food is good, fresh and healthy.

Core Community Services-Multicultural Communities’ Iraqi & Arabic Settlement worker, Aylin Yokhanna, collaborates with Parents Café Fairfield on employment, education and settlement programs for newly arrived refugees from Iraq and Syria.

Cooking classes was one of the employment programs that resulted from the relationship.

The Jamie’s Ministry of Food cooking courses provide fun, hands-on cooking classes based on Jamie Oliver’s recipes and home cooking philosophy.

Participants get hands-on lessons with a dedicated food trainer and learn hints, tips and clever short cuts to make cooking easier, quicker and more fun.

They enjoy a meal at the end of class and take home two more portions to share with family and friends.

The students learned many Jamie Oliver recipes, including meatballs and pasta, spinach with lemon and garlic, fruit crumble, classic basil pesto, teriyaki glazed salmon, roast potatoes parsnips and carrots, brilliant broccoli, consistently good gravy and easy chicken stock.

Participants had fun and said they hoped to be involved in any cooking classes or catering programs in the future.

They said they were more comfortable in the kitchen and found it easier to access different foods and recipes.

They developed their communication skills and enjoyed sitting together for lunch and making new friends.

Five people had an opportunity to volunteer at Jamie’s Ministry of Food.

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