ADSi Community Leadership Roundtable

On March 22, Auburn Diversity Services Inc. (ADSi) assembled 32 local community leaders from diverse cultural backgrounds and experts on various disciplines to discuss topics of concern to local communities and strategies for community development.

In his opening remarks, ADSi Capacity Building Manager, Justin Han, welcomed members to the first session of the year’s Community Leadership Roundtable Series.

He said the aim of the series was to provide a platform for community leaders and groups to gather together to discuss community development strategies and work in collaboration towards a better and united society.

It also provided training to community leaders and groups to develop their skills and capacity to better help their communities, he said.

Mr Han said ADSi was committed to listening to ideas, suggestions and advice from local community leaders and groups, working with them and helping develop strategies to address issues.

At the meeting, discussions led by Legal Aid Outreach Services were held on changes to migration programs, citizenship application and visa subclasses, and their impact on applicants and local communities.

Members were encouraged to speak to their local and federal members, express their concerns and influence their decisions.

The National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) and other services were also discussed at the meeting.

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