Beverly Hills Girls High School students

On Tuesday March 12, Advance Diversity Services (ADS) partnered with MAX Employment Rockdale to give 12 students from Beverly Hills Girls High School the chance to gain basic skills in how to prepare for jobs and interviews.

The students belong to the school’s STAR Club, which provides targeted student support for new arrivals. They were pleased to learn that a little preparation can go a long way if you want to improve your performance in interviews or on the job.

Multicultural Youth Officer for ADS’ Settlement and Community Services, Salvin Kumar, said Shah Iqbal and Manu Lasalo from MAX Employment had offered a range of useful tips to help the students make a great first impression at their next job interview. Teachers were also pivotal in ensuring the session was a success.

“ADS is looking forward to continuing to support the students from the STAR Club,” Mr Kumar said. “This session was a good start – and we’ll build on it to ensure the students get what they need to find their place and to know they belong in Australian society.”

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