Nepalese Positive Parenting program run by Advance Diversity Services

Nepalese parents in St George and surrounding areas are reaping benefits from an app that shows them how to nurture their child at each stage of their development: a 1-2-3 Magic Parenting approach that helps them work effectively with their child’s emotions; and a talk by a speech pathologist who offers ways to nurture their children’s bilingual skills.

This is all thanks to the Nepalese Positive Parenting program run by Advance Diversity Services in its Rockdale offices.

The grant program features 12 monthly sessions with informed facilitators that help participants foster the skills they need to be the best parents (and grandparents) they can be and to ensure their young ones get the best start in life during the formative 0–5 years.

The app is LOVE Talk SING Read PLAY, developed by NSW Local Health Districts. It is available in English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese and Nepali, and can be customised to a child’s development.

It both tracks and aids learning, and alerts parents about immunisation checks and other milestones. It is also designed to teach parents ways to manage their children’s behaviour and build their children’s emotional resourcefulness.

Nineteen parents attended the session on how to nurture bilingual children. They heard how speaking regularly to their children in their home language before they went to school was crucial in developing their bilingual skills.

Self-care is a key element of all the parenting sessions, and parents are reminded that their own wellbeing is essential for healthy happy families. Hand massages, essential oils head massages or yoga, as well as a delicious morning tea and Nepalese lunch are always included in the sessions.

These bonuses help parents manage the challenging behaviour of their children with reason, patience, and compassion.

The Nepalese Positive Parenting program runs until June 2019 and concludes with 6 Start Strong Pathways playgroups run by the Department of Education, which provide educational supports for young children and their parents prior to preschool enrolment.

For further information contact Rishi Acharya on 9597 5455 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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