Metro Assist Leadership and Time Management Training

Metro Assist has delivered Governance and Financial Management Training and Leadership and Time Management Training for newly arrived community leaders in Lakemba.

The training was well attended by different community leaders and members of the community. The aim of the training was not only engaging with the community leaders to identify their settlement needs but also to improve their social participation, economic wellbeing, personal and community connectedness and build their capacity and linkages with different stakeholders and mainstream support services.

The training helped the leaders to gain knowledge about grant applications, variation and acquittals. It included governance and legal aspects of running an incorporated association, project partnerships memorandum of understanding and contract and funding deeds, applying for government funding, record keeping and financial accountability.

The leadership training helped to build confidence, skills and knowledge to collaborate with local communities, advocate, and work on issues to help them to be self-reliant and get the best settlement outcomes for their communities.

For more information, please visit the Metro Asssist website.

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