A group of young people from Illawarrra

Illawarra Multicultural Services (IMS) organised a fun trip to Mosman in North Sydney in October.

The outing was well attended by 32 young people from culturally diverse backgrounds and was IMS’s first face-to-face event after the lockdown.

The trip allowed participants to celebrate the end of lockdown in a safe and fantastic way. It included a variety of activities, including paddle polo and kayaking, and culminated in a social barbecue.

As the young people engaged, they practised their English – especially necessary when competing in the paddle polo.

Despite most participants coming from very different backgrounds, they managed to successfully communicate, making it an exciting competition to take part in and to watch.

The paddle polo and the kayaking provided an opportunity to inform the young people about water safety as well as paddling and kayaking techniques.

The outing was a great way for the participants to expand their social circle, reduce isolation, feel a part of their local community, and integrate into the Australian lifestyle.

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