Images of an AMEP English class at Khmer Bonnyrigg Temple and a computer and digital class

The Cambodian-Australian Welfare Council of NSW (CAWC), an ethno-specific community-based organisation established in 1983, originally known as Khmer Interagency, is the newest member of the NSW Settlement Partnership.

CAWC is a staple in its community, providing services to young and old. In addition to the SETS program, CAWC provides support under the Early Childhood Development and Parent Support Project, Children Support Program, the Khmer Elderly Care Project and the Multicultural Access and Referral Service (MARS).

Recently, SETS caseworker Cherry was able to support two clients looking for employment and wanting to improve their English skills.

In the first case, the client’s husband and daughter were living in Cambodia and she wanted to sponsor them to come to Australia. The client was referred to an immigration agency, as well as to Centrelink to assist her in her job search.

In addition, she received job readiness support and was supported to enrol in AMEP classes as well as a basic computer skills and digital literacy class.

In the second case, the client was experiencing domestic and family violence and was seeking support to become more financially and socially independent. She was linked in with a counsellor at a local women’s health centre and enrolled in citizenship and English classes at AMEP.

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