Metro Assist organised a Youthrivers fun trip for newly arrived Afghan young people to Carss Park, Kogarah, late last year.

The outing was a great opportunity to celebrate the end of the lockdown and a tough academic year, especially for the young Afghan evacuees who fled a country of war, leaving behind their beloved friends, families …and with numerous sad stories.

Twenty young Afghans attended the excursion and engaged in different activities, demonstrating an amazing example of determination and resilience.

Activities included:

  • A Positive Thinking Circle: Young people participated in collective games to learn how to recognise and stop negative self-talk, how to find positives in different situations through imagery, and how to focus on their strengths and abilities through mind-mapping.
  • Art in the Garden: Young people had the opportunity to share a story about their culture through painting.
  • Soccer for Fun: Boys and girls were thrilled to form teams and play soccer for fun. Soccer is a very popular sport in Afghanistan.

Youthrivers Day Out was a great way for the newly arrived Afghans to make friends, reduce their isolation and feel a part of their local community. The young people stayed connected after the outing through the Youthrivers Whatsapp Group, where updates, experiences, enquiries and memes were shared on a daily basis.

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